18 tips to choose baby play pens

18 Tips to Choose Baby Playpen for Your Baby

New parents are just wondering how to choose a comfortable baby playpen for the newborn or toddler baby.  In seeing there are so many different brands of playpens with emphasis on various functions, it is sometimes so confusing as to make the last choice.

Here we have the checklists for you to choose your ideal baby playpen:

1)Sense of security

The rule number one and principle of looking for a baby playpen is comfort. Just imagine your baby is delivered to this unfamiliar world which is surely a big contrary to his mother’s womb which is warm and safe to him.  He is so feared and at the same time curious about all the noises and visions that come to his proximity.

Therefore, a comfortable playpen will immediately secure his high sense of security besides the hugging from his parents.

2) Examine the frame of the playpen

Baby playpens are designed with emphasis on certain features.  Please examine the dimension of the playpen to make sure it is comfortable enough for your baby. Some designs will feature extra large frame to provide ample space for your little one to sleep or play in safely, while some playpens will feature in light design to fit for traveling purpose, so the frame is relatively small.

3) What is the net weight?

The net weight of the baby playpen matters particularly if you are on the go for traveling with the baby, taking the playpen to granny’s home etc.  In this way, you should choose playpen design which is easy to fold and compact, light in weight to make the travel easier. If your playpen is merely for home use, the net weight factor will be less important.

4) What is the supporting weight?

It is important to choose a playpen that is sturdy to support the baby.  Baby playpen is a place for your baby playing and sleeping.  Usually playpen is sturdy for baby under age of 2 year old, however, it is only the general supporting weight.
If you baby is a bit oversized, you should pay extra attention to selecting a more supportive playpen in order to make the baby feel safe.

5) Is it easy to set up?

Some parents are so concerned about the set up thing.  I know it would be so annoying to assembly the playpen, and your headache will blow you out of sanity.  So take this point into your consideration, choose the playpen that is easy to set up, just unfold, pull up the sides, and lock them into place.
Some playpens will emphasize the easiness of fold up the compact quickly and push-button fold, so that anyone can quickly close it, making it a great news for parents on the go.

6) Is there good visibility?

It is important to choose a baby playpen with mesh wall for the sake of safety.  Mesh-wall playpen will always keep you a clear vision of what is going on of your baby in the playpen.

With the clear visibility, you can know whether your baby is having a nice sleep, having a bad dream and cramping that will need your assistance immediately.

7) Are there wheels to accelerate the easy movement?

Some playpens are designed with wheels to accelerate the easy movement, you don’t have to use extra strength to let you roll it from room to room, or even bring the infant out on the porch with you for a fresh air nap. There are safety stop button to make sure the wheels are locked when you mean it.

8) Is there a baby bassinet?

Usually baby playpen will come with a detachable bassinet which offers a great place for infants up to 15 pounds to nap peacefully.

9) Are the bumpers and cushion pads comfortable?

Usually playpens are come with quilted bumper, cushion and mattress pads.  These are the added comfort for your baby as well as a safety measure to protect your baby from direct contact of hard objects.

10) Is there a changing table?

The changing table is somehow very important for new parents.  With the help of the changing table and design with body curve shape, it will make changing diaper and baby clothes more pleasant jobs.  However, please notice usually changing table is supposed to support infant or young baby weighing less pounds.

11) Is there a musical mobile

Musical mobile is very important to soothe the baby when he is out of temper or when he is going to bed.  The gentle and delightful music is designed to calm down the emotion.
When the mobile plush toys going around and around, they will attract baby’s attention and at the same time help him to develop the visual ability.  Your baby will become relaxed with the little plush toys to keep him company.12) Is there a vibration mattress?
Some playpens are designed with soothing and amuse machine to pamper your infant with vibration in the mattress.  It will calm your baby with nature sounds, classical music and a night-light.

13) Is there a parent organizer?

Parent organizer is for storage of all baby stuffs, like diapers, cleansing wipes, little towels, baby clothes, teethers and plush toys.  It is for the convenience of parents, and will hold many of your changing essentials.


14) Is there a canopy shield?

Some playpens are designed with canopy shield.  It is a good idea to offer your little one a quieter place to sleep and a shield from light.  Your baby will feel it with additional sense of safety, and will definitely love it.

15) Do you need a travel light playpen?

Even though you want to choose a playpen that is designed for go on trip, it is very popular too to choose an extra light-sized playpen in granny place.

16) Is it for twin babies?

If you have twin babies, you can choose a playpen with twin bassinet and dual canopies.

17) Is it easy to keep clean?

It is an utmost important to keep environment and baby things clean.  Therefore, some playpens are designed with removable parts with a view to easy cleaning.  The mattress cover, pumper, cushion pads, quilting and detachable plush toys from musical mobile are removable and machine washable.

18) Is it easy to go on trip with travel bag?

Some playpens are designed to suit for the travel need if parents need to go on trip.  With the easy fold and set up design, it will be at ease to go traveling.  What’s more, it is always come with matching travel bag which is perfect to fit in car storage and air flight overhead compartments.