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11 Tips that you should read when you are bathing your baby

What is most bothering you when talking about taking care for your baby?  Research shows that baby bathing is the second most difficult task and it bothers most parents.

As parents, you will never know the exact meanings from your baby, since he is not ready to tell you his feelings and genuine needs.  Some babies are just so reluctant to bathe.  For some unknown reasons, they will cry out loud, struggling with all their strength to get away from the water. While some babies will find so enjoyable to bathe because they feel like to play in the water, and then unwilling to get away from it.  To avoid these awful situations, there are some tips for mommies who want their babies to have better bathing time.

 1) Play a Happy Bathing Song

There are so many baby songs designated for your baby, no matter it is for his bath time, sleep time and play time.  Find out which song he likes the best when taking bath.  It is important to play the same song in every bathing time, so that your baby will naturally understand that it is his time to bathe whenever you play this song. He will feel like to bathe and then be more cooperative throughout the bathing process

Baby Songs   Disney Baby Lullaby

2) Control Baby Bathing Time

Never let your baby baths for too long, otherwise he will get cold so easily, or confuse that he is authorized to play in the water.  Keep a good time control for about 10 minutes the most.  Finish bathing as soon as possible you can, and wrap him with a big soft towel.

3) Wash your Baby’s Hair

Do your feel no way to get a hand in it when you are going to wash your baby’s hair?  Let’s try this way: prepare one big and one small towels.  Wrap your baby instantly with the big towel after taking off his clothes to keep his body warm and lest he will get cold easily.  Then start to clean his face, eyes, nose and ears with the wetted small towel, and at last wash his hair.  Most mommies would find that this practice works for them.

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4) Posture to Wash Baby’s Hair

When washing your baby’s hair, try this posture: hold your baby in the big towel in your left arm, support his head and neck with your palm, and keep his little ears closed with your left fingers. This posture will avoid your baby from twisting around when you are doing the hair cleaning. Choose some good quality baby shampoo wash to ensure an enjoyable washing experience to your baby.

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5) Bathing Toy to Arouse his Sense of Interest

If your baby feels so reluctant to bathe, to arouse his sense of interest, you can buy him a set of bath time toys to add some more fun to his bath time experience.  There are so many lovely design squirt bath toys to bring lots of enjoyment to your baby, and make him more willing to bathe.

However, to ensure your baby’s safety, please be cautious about the ingredients of the soft plastics.  Check if it is made with nontoxic paint and phthalate-free PVC, which will not cause allergy.  Even though non toxic bath toys are of higher price, but it is worthy to keep your baby in an non-toxic environment.

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6) Let him know the Bathing Formula

However, if your baby is so accustomed to have bathing toys around him, he will refuse to get away from his bath tub and bathing toys.  Try to establish a bathing formula for your baby, have your baby bathed in a short time, never allow him to stay in the water in no reason, get dress for your baby immediately after leaving the water before playing with him.

7) Beware of Water Temperature

Never use too high temperature bath water for your baby, for it will burn your baby’s skin.  Keep the water around 38 degree Celsius, and try the temperature with your elbow first, as it is the safest instruction to test the water temperature in US medical standard.  Or you would like to be more accurate, use baby bath thermometer to test the water first in more scientific sense.

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8) Use Quality Baby Skincare Products

Pay attention to the quality of your baby skincare products. No matter it is baby bathing gel, shampoo, skin lotion and baby oil, make sure it is mild in nature and the ingredients are good to protect your baby’s skin.  Always choose natural baby skincare products if possible, as they contain no irritable elements, chemicals and artificial that will irritate skin and allergy.

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9) Use Baby Bathtub

Always use baby tub as it will make bath time more safe and fun for your baby.  Usually baby tub will fit over double sinks or inside traditional bathtubs, and it holds your baby securely with a soft-grip, non-slip foam surface to keep your baby comfortable and in place, so that he can have a safe and pleasant bathing experience.

Usually baby bathtub is designed for infant and toddler.  There is an infant insert for baby newborns up to six months.

The First Year's Infant To Toddler Tub with SlingFisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

10) Bath Water Below Baby’s Waist

Even when you are using bathtub, make sure the water depth to be kept below your baby’s waist, also always keep your baby sit on the tub, never let him stand on the tub, lest he will fall down accidentally and get hurt.

11) Never Leave your Baby Alone in Bath Room

It is the last and the most important golden rule when you are bathing your baby: Never leave your baby alone in the bathing room for even one second.  Most accidents happen when their babies were left unattended in the bath tub.

N.B. Toilet hygiene planning.

As your baby grows into a young child and teenager, it is important to maintain hygiene throughout your home. You might want to consider installing a bio bidet, which are ideal for bathroom and toilet hygiene both for yourself and your family.



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