Baby bouncer and rocker

Baby bouncers and rockers

Baby Bouncers and rockers – Amusement for Infants

Every parent knows how often a child needs to be held and rocked, these baby bouncers, infant rocker and baby swings are the most popular amusements for infants.  They are designed to delight the infant with movement of up and down, providing a comfortable and relaxing environment.   We have reviewed quality baby bouncers and cradle swing with reference to real customer reviews.

Fisher Price Baby Rainforest JumperooFisher Price Baby Rainforest Jumperoo
Average customer review:
No of Customers to Rate it: 1478
Price: $91.99

Top 1 baby jumperoo that most mommies will choose, with 1478 real customers rated it 4.5 stars.
Baby bouncer with full of exciting sights and sounds and lots of safe jumping fun. This jumperoo delights the child with interactive play options and stimulating movement to help encourage healthy development. The variety of textures integrated into the rainforest toys provide tactile stimulation.


FishFisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperooer-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo
Average customer review:
No of Customers to Rate it: 125
Price: $89.40

Top 2 baby swing is with 125 customers rated it 4.5 stars.
With sounds, lights, and the opportunity for plenty of movement, this jumperoo is a fun, entertaining way for baby to develop crucial motor skills. Designed with a sturdy, freestanding base, the Jumperoo features a spinning seat with plenty of bright, colorful toys to touch, tug, and pull. The seat height is adjustable to grow with baby while soft spring covers are safe for little fingers.

Fisher Price Baby Rocker $30.72 with 4.5 starFisher Price Baby Rocker Swing
Average customer review:
No of Customers to Rate it: 643
Price: $34.00 – $37.00

Top 3 baby rocker is always loved by parents, with 643 customers rated it 4.5 stars.
This baby rocker swings from head to toe, converted from infant seat to toddler rocker. Soothed with calming vibrations, there is a kickstand to lockout rocking for sleep or feeding. As the child grows, the seatback adjusts to a more upright position for a toddler up to 40 pounds. The toy bar is removable and can be adjusted to different positions according to baby’s age.

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle SwingFisher Price Baby Cradle Swing
Average customer review:
No of Customers to Rate it: 612
Price: $109.45

Top 3 baby swing is with 612 customers rated it 4 stars.
This baby cradle swing embraces baby in softness with great amusements. A soft friend tethered to the tray, musical mobile with 10 tunes and 5 soothing nature sound effects, large dome mirror and soft clouds with sweet lambs that entertain the baby. It also features 3 seat positions providing baby for side to side cradle motion, head to toe swinging motion or left to right of center, with 6 speeds, volume control and folds for storage.


Baby Rock and Play Sleeper $42.54 with 4.5 starFisher Price Baby Rock and Play Sleeper
Average customer review:
No of Customers to Rate it: 784
Price: $49.88

Top 4 baby sleeper with 784 customers rated it 4.5 stars.
This newborn rock and play sleeper is a night time sleeper and playtime seat all in one. A perfect place for baby to rock with a gentle push from you. Other features include 3-point restraint to keep baby secure, a toy bunny for soothing and entertaining, and a washable insert for comfort and support. It is very lightweight, and easy to move around the house.



Fisher Price Cradle Swing $143.95 with 4 starFisher Price Cradle Swing
Average customer review:
No of Customers to Rate it: 231
Price: $119.88

This Fisher Price cradle swing is designed in deluxe accents and fabric with upscale materials. 
With features moms look for: a seat that rotates 90 degrees to provide side-to-side cradle motion or front-to-back swing motion together with a range of speeds.  Two sound effect sound tracks and 14 songs, 6 lullabies and 8 entertaining musical tracks.  Uniquely designed mobile that moves gently                                                          and freely on their own to soothe and captivate baby.


Fisher Price Toddler Rocker $45.00 with 4.5 starFisher Price Toddler Rocker
Average customer review:
No of Customers to Rate it: 92
Price: $45.00

A grow-with-baby rocker and seat to bring out baby’s full potential.  Your baby enjoys a low-profile position and a comfy place for either rocking or sitting still, with two-position recline seat for baby’s comfort, and calming vibrations to soothe. As your baby grows, use it as a toddler rocking chair, up to 40 pounds.  When baby has more motor control, a removable toy arm provides 2 toys to entertain baby – a cute bug with rattle beads and a lizard with clacker paddles for bat-at play.     




Design with Baby Toys

A lot of baby bouncers are equipped with baby toy like cute animals, butterfly and bee.  These fun characters are the great enjoyments to the infants.  They are designed to accompany the infants and at the same time encourage their physical development and eye coordination.  The educational element adds more value to the amusement

Emphasis on Interactive Theme

Interactive play options have been added to the baby bouncers to amuse the infants.  It is usually equipped with musical device to play soft music and sounds.  There are other bouncers would focus on the soothing functions like calming the infants with vibrations.

Customer Review

In this online store, we offers a large variety of brand baby bouncers, infant rocker and baby swings for the entertainment of your little one.  There are advices for your selections, please examine  from the angles of safety,  sturdiness and design characteristics, and read the customer reviews for more choices and suggestions.

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